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The Preacher
sounding the warning from the wall
Here it is, just a few days until the election and I still haven’t heard one single thing that makes any sense about who to vote for. The best choice so far is “the lesser of two evils”, but that’s not a real choice because Romney will be just as bad of a President as Obama has been. (for an intelligent look at how true that is, go to: http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/archives/5229

I’ve come to realize that it’s not a question of Obama or Romney, because I really don’t believe that either man sits up, all by himself, late into the night, dreaming all of this stuff up. That’s because the President does not write policy (he just signs it and gives a speech) nor does he establish the political platform upon which that policy is based (it is the political party that does that). So what it comes to is a question of the Democratic and Republican Parties. And, because the platforms and the policies of both the Rep. and Dem. Parties are so exactly alike, it does not make any difference which man you vote for. What needs to be done is that both parties have to be deprived of the tyrannical stranglehold that they have on our government. How can we break that hold? Easy, just two simple things.

1) vote for Romney BUT! Do NOT vote for him on the Republican Party line – vote for him on the Conservative Party line.

2) as soon as possible (even after the election is OK) change the party affiliation on your voter registration form from whatever party you have listed to “no party affiliation”.

If you think about these two things for a minute, you’ll see that it is the only thing that will make a difference:
** if Romney wins, the Democratic party loses the power to establish policy AND, if the Republican party receives no votes, then they also lose the power to establish policy.
** if a political party has no registered members, it loses its status and its funding.

For the other five things to do that would completely revolutionize our government, go to: www.nehemiahgroup.com


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Please! VOTE in this election. Remember – the only wasted vote is the one not cast.

Here are a few tips to help clear away the mind-numbing barrage of the meaningless drivel from advertising & the media.

First of all, remember that there are no degrees of bad. There is no such thing as: “the lesser of two evils”, a “good bad” or a “better bad”. Every politician out there is a bad politician and every one of them is bad for our country and bad for our lives. So, how do we get rid of them?

1) do not vote for an incumbent
2) do not vote for a lawyer
3) do not vote on the Republican Party or the Democratic Party line. Do vote for the candidate of your choice – just vote for them on some other line (such as the Conservative Party line or the Independence Party line).

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For anyone looking for an intelligent discussion of the validity of Christianity or someone seeking a deeper understanding of the truths upon which Christianity is based, I would like to suggest the following three books:

How Now Shall We Live?
By: Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey

From the cover notes:
“How Now Shall We Live? Will help Christians make sense of the competing worldviews that clamor for our attention and allegiance in a pluralistic society. Pulling no punches, Colson and Pearcey show that all other worldviews fail to meet the test of rational consistency or practical application in the real world. Only the Christian worldview provides a rationally sustainable way to understand the universe. Only the Christian worldview fits the real world and can be lived out consistently in every area of life.”

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith
By: Stephen M. Barr

From the cover notes:
“A considerable amount of public debate and media print has been devoted to the “war between science and religion.” In his accessible and eminently readable new book, Stephen M. Barr demonstrates that what is really at war with religion is not science itself, but a philosophy called scientific materialism. Modern Physics and Ancient Faith argues that the great discoveries of modern physics are more compatible with the central teachings of Christianity and Judaism about God, the cosmos, and the human soul than with the atheistic viewpoint of scientific materialism.”

Genesis and the Big Bang: the discovery of harmony between modern science and the Bible
By: Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph.D.

From the cover notes:
“The culmination of a physicist’s thirty-five-year journey from MIT to Jerusalem, Genesis and the Big Bang presents a compelling argument that the events of the billions of years that cosmologists say followed the Big Bang and those of the first six days described in Genesis are, in fact, one and the same – identical realities described in vastly different terms. In engaging, accessible language, Dr. Schroeder reconciles the observable facts of science with the very essence of Western religion: the biblical account of Creation.”
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Recently there was an item in the news about a Mr. Jeff Owens of West Virginia.

It seems that Mr. Owens was speaking to a small audience about the necessity of brutally murdering homosexuals. And since there was no disagreement or dissent, one would have to assume that they were in complete agreement with Mr. Owens.

Many people, myself included, were horrified that someone would espouse such barbarism and doubly horrified that all of those people would sit there and agree with him. But, as shocking as this is, I wonder why this particular scenario is actually in the national news. After all, our lives are flooded on a daily basis with reports of some yahoo spouting off about how they want to kill one segment or another of the world’s population. Arabs want to annihilate the Jews, liberals want to kill babies, Iranians want to kill adulteresses, African tribes want to kill other African tribes, Black Panthers want to kill white babies, the KKK wants to kill Jews & blacks, Muslim terrorists want to kill women and children, and the list goes on and on. And what about Barack Obama sitting there for twenty years in agreement with the horrible things that Jeremiah Wright was spewing forth on a regular basis?

As I watched the story of Mr. Owens spread across the media and the internet, I saw that the story was not about the actions that Mr. Owens was calling for but, rather, was about Mr. Owens being called a Christian. So, of course the ungodly let loose with a flood of vituperation saying that Mr. Owens is the proof that every Christian that ever lived is a violent, murderous, racist, homophobic bigot that wants to force their mindless, delusional beliefs on other people.

What surprised me, though, was that Christians started to wring their hands, whine and whimper. “Oh, what a terrible example of Christianity, it’s going to make all of us look bad.” “How can he expect sinners to listen to the gospel and come to love Jesus if he talks like that?”

What a load of horse hockies. If you have been a Christian for even five minutes and have an IQ at least ten points above that of a tomato plant, you would know that Mr. Owens is not, repeat, not a Christian. There is not one single thing about Mr. Owens, or the people that agree with him, that would show them to be Christians. Nothing, other than him dressing up and calling himself a “pastor” and the audience sitting quietly in a building that they call a “church”.

Even a child is known by his doings. So, if we would use even a little bit of sense, we can easily see that Mr. Owens is either a Muslim or an atheist.

A Muslim because:
1) The belief in, and practice of, brutally murdering homosexuals is a precept found in their Koran and forms a foundational basis for their law, their religion and their society.
2) Lying to non-Muslims is a practice that is encouraged and condoned by their Koran and their law (Sharia) as long as it furthers the cause of Islam.
3) Muslims have a history of dressing up as something they are not and lying about who they are in order to get into a position to bring about death and destruction to America.

In September, 2001, nineteen Muslims dressed up as Americans, lied about who they were and what they were doing and used their falsely gained position to bring about the death of three thousand people and the destruction of billions of dollars worth of American real estate.

In November, 2009, a Muslim man, dressed as an Army major, lied about being an American serviceman and used his falsely gained position to bring about the death of thirteen people at Ft. Hood.

In 2008, a Muslim man, dressed as a politician, lied about being an American citizen and, even now, is using his illegally acquired position to bring about the death of freedom and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

Atheism is actually many factions with different labels, such as: humanism; naturalism and Darwinian evolution to name a few but share most of their core beliefs, differing only in some of the details.

Mr. Owens could be an atheist because:
1) Atheists have no established code of morality or ethics, right and wrong is determined only by what they feel within themselves.
2) Human life has no intrinsic value.
3)Atheists have a history of dressing up as something they are not and lying about who they are in order to get into a position to bring about death and destruction to America.

Atheists, dressed up as priests, lied about not being pedophiles and brought death and destruction into the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Atheists, such as Warren Jeffs, Tony Alamo and David Koresh, lied about being pastors preaching truth and brought death and destruction into the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Atheists, dressed as politicians, knowingly lie as they swear oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution, pass laws that are illegal, oppressive and evil.

Atheists, dressed as journalists, lie about being unbiased and truthful and use their position to inculcate their godlessness into the hearts and minds of Americans.

So, there you have it, Muslim or atheist. Personally, I would peg Mr. Owens more as an atheist than a Muslim but that is only because the intentions of his heart seem to be centered in what makes him feel good rather than any religious fervor. But, no matter what, he is definitely not a Christian.
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For a long time, Naomi (my #1 daughter, who is wise beyond her years) has been telling me that I need to post something every day. Even if that post is not really scholarly, deeply philosophical or well researched with footnotes and bibliography, I must post every day. So, here I am - posting, today.
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It was exactly forty years ago today that every thing in my life was perfect.

I was in the right place at the right time to be in the -
  Perfect will of God
I was on my knees in -
  Perfect submission
I asked forgiveness of a -
  Perfect Savior
I was cleansed of all of my sins by a -
  Perfect redemption
I saw the darkness of my life washed away by the -
  Perfect light

“I” became “Perfect” when Jesus came into my heart and I was born in –

  Perfect mercy

  Perfect grace

  Perfect love


Thank you Jesus for being born in the dark, cold, meager manger of my heart on January 1, 1970

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Hello all,

This is my very first post on my very first blog. So, please, excuse my ignorance / naivete as I try to figure out how to communicate with you.


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